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Odd stuff going on after drilling slides
Old 10-09-2016, 03:48 PM   #1
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Odd stuff going on after drilling slides

The bike has been popping a bit just cruising, not accel or decel, so I figured I'd check the carbs sync and while I was in there decided to drill the slides.
I did this at work and on the ride home didn't really notice any difference on the ride home (about 3 miles).
The bike sat for 2 days and when I rode it to work, it was leaking oil out of the front cylinder while the engine was running. Did that for two days then stopped. Took it for a ride around town a couple of days ago and after maybe five miles of riding, it started letting out some pretty good random pops, mainly just cruising 35-45 mph in 3rd gear. After a bit I noticed I was having to open the throttle more to maintain speed.

After another 10-15 miles it let out some loud pops one after the other and at a stop light I noticed some white smoke drifting out of the rear pipe. I pulled off to check that the air cleaner and all that stuff was tight and there were no vacuum leaks. The boot from the rear carb to the air cleaner had come loose, tightened it up and headed home. Since then, I have no zip on the throttle. Have to go almost wide open starting from a dead stop and on the highway, it took a good quarter mile plus to get up to 55.

Any ideas? The only change I made was drilling the slides.

Also, The bike sat for 5 years. So I had the carbs taken apart, cleaned and looked over a few months back. Everything has been ok since then aside from the random pops.
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Never was a big on drilling the slides after reading on carb adjustments. Double check the A/F setting? Did you adjust the the jet size to account for the more rapid delivery of fuel? You might also check you oil to make sure you did not have a float stick and flood the the cylinder with gas and into the oil?
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