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Jetting is providing the engine with a combustible mixture. The ideal combustible mixture ratio is 14.7 parts of air to one part of fuel, with the most power being produced around 12-13:1. While a motor can (and will) operate on a mixture that is considerably richer or leaner, power output falls off. If you happen to go leaner and ride it hard, you may end up with an over-heated motor, or worse, a seizure.
Also be aware that carburetion is measured at throttle position settings. It has nothing to do with engine rpm or transmission gears. So telling the pipe manufacturer or Boss that it skips in third. but not fifth gear is totally useless information.
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'93 VT1100C ReJet - CA Emissions
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'93 VT1100C ReJet - CA Emissions

I put the Cobra 2" Drag Pipes on my 93 VT1100C and was told I would have to rejet the carbs. I did that. And surpisingly we finally did it right. I was also told I would lose some gas mileage. I could go along with that, but only a little I thought. I just got back from a 1200 mile ride. My ass AND my wallet took a beating. I was really surprised that I lost 30+ miles to the tank and more at 75mph and above.
Since it does have the CA emissions on the bike we kept it a bit lean thinking this would help conserve on the mpg, but Holy Shit... over 30 to the tank?
Is this normal? I've got more low end power, but I'm losing on the mpg.

ANY suggestions? I'm not happy and thinking of going back to stock pipes and carb setup.
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A 2-3 mpg drop is not unusual, but just opening up the exhaust should not have dropped your mpg that much, for the most part doing a tuned exhaust shouldn't effect you mpg at all, but in rare cases it does. I'm going to say that you need to do a plug chop in your entire throttle band to be able to know how to optimize your jetting, needle position, A/F mixture. A throttle chop is about your best bet unless you have access to a Dyno meter, as a dyno doesn't lie and will let you dial in perfect. I over 65 you can look for fuel drop, at 75 a radical drop.
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