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Easy seat re-do - stock 750 spirit seat
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Easy seat re-do - stock 750 spirit seat

So this is like the 5th time doing a seat but probably my best yet. I will update this tonight with the final steps.
Im the type of whack o doodle who HAS to change everything like every year due to horrid ADHD so I finally wanted to whittle the steps down on the fly to make this easy. So here are my steps. Im probably going to write this up online as well.

Things youll need.
Fabric for seat (I used vinyl)
square of foam, denser the better
Double sided tape

Spray glue for fabric AND FOAM. Make sure it says foam or it will eat up your foam. Locktite makes one, I got some other brand from HD

Staple gun
thread/needle (ONLY IF you are using multiple fabrics like myself)

First step is rip apart that old stock seat. I have no pics of this as I have been actually riding around on the plastic pan for like 2 years. Im not a cushy comfort guy more than just like a good shape so I needed minimal foam for my liking. I used to ride my old bike with a seat made out of fabric covered wood I shaped.

I wanted a solo seat so I cut the back seat off and hucked it, mistake on my part cause now I want a pillion seat, but anyway. I also cut down the edges of my seat because I wanted it a little slimmer. A dremmel or jigsaw works well for this.
You cut to your liking. Do it in small parts tho cause you cant put it back. I pretty much eye'd everything but you can use about anything as a stencil if youre not as confident.


Go here to see them better


First and foremost we need to cut our foam.
Place the foam on the seat and push into the look you want. This does not need to be perfect and youll see why later.

Flip the seat and rest your knee into the butt part to help the foam keep its basic shape and use a marker to line out the shape of the seat. Remove the foam and cut it.

Once the pan is where you like its sand the edges down smooth and cover every inch you can with double sided tape. There are some REALLY strong double sided tapes out there and I recommend them but all I had was the generic white scotch stuff lying around so I said Fuck it.

Your seat should look like this.


Remove the adhesive paper cover from the tape and starting FROM FRONT TO BACK, I can not stress this part enough, DO NOT just mush the foam down. Pick an area that works for you, mine was front to back and inch by inch sort of press the foam down lightly. The good thing in using the tape over glue is you have the opportunity to reset the foam if you screw up.
When you get the entire thing pressed in and looking good then your can REALLY press hard and set that foam into the tape. Really get in there hard. Make a mental image of every strip of tape and be sure to put that pressure on and get it good.

Should look like this.

Now let get GHETTO!
Many guys including myself have spent the time to sand their foam in the past and it SUCKS. It makes a mess and you get one shot or your screwed. I was NOT about to go through this again so I came up with this idea!

Gorilla Duct tape is gods answer to everything except sexually transmitted diseases.... at least for now. Dont use anything but Gorilla brand because its actually almost a fabric based backing that is super STRONG. I used the tape to basically mold the foam by adhering to the edges and then folding under the plastic shell. go ahead and double it up. Make that stuff thick. You want it to hold. Go nuts, its all gonna be covered anyway. Hell you could probably skip fabric and just duct tape a black seat lol.

This tape will actually hold up nicely when stapled as well so when I staple through the vinyl it will also penetrate the tape and keep that secure. Also MAKE SURE you get staples that will ONLY penetrate into the plastic. Last thing you want is to sit down hard and pierce your ass with 1000 staples. Unless that your thing, then by all means.

Now for the fabric. If you are using only one color then skip this.

If you are using a pattern then go somewhere else. Ill post pics of my vinyl but Im not explaining how to sew because I stink at it and I dont want some ass hat coming here and telling me if I used a "homemaker 3rd row bunny skip stitch" it would have held better. I have no idea what stitching I used but I went over it about 3 times back and forth on each side with different styles Ive learned and it was super strong, Then on top of that..... yup, gorilla tape! Pull the fabric taunt and hold with your knees (or another person) and run the tape down the stitch. Rub the tape to get that glue softened and really holding. Most tape activates much better by creating friction heat.

See this last pic below how the left side of the stitch looks REALY flat and smooth yet the right looks a bit rolled on itself at the seam. Thats to show you the bonus of the tape. The left side is pulled taunt with tape while the right side was not yet to show you.

This entire process took me a couple hours. If I was using one piece of fabric with no stitching I would have been done with the entire seat in about 2 hours. The stitching alone was another 2 hours because I do not have a machine nor do I know someone who does. I would HIGHLY recommend any pattern be done on a machine to save time and get a super strong stitch.

Next we will be spray gluing the fabric onto the foam.

I will post these pics tomorrow.

You want to be very careful here and like laying the foam on the tape start from one spot and work your way back. Spray a little foam , set it, then move back and repeat.

You really want to go inch by inch here to avoid bubbles, and get a smooth nice flat appearance. Also if you screw up its easier to remove 3 inches on vinyl with minimal damage then the entire seat.

You really want to dry fit as much as possible.

Heres the finished seat.
I actually passed on staples because my foam was SO thin and opted for some selectively placed thumb tacks and just spray adhesived the fabric to the plastic shell. Time will tell but man this stuff is TOUGH.

My Bike

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