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Picture Scavenger Hunt
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Picture Scavenger Hunt

Saw this over at TCU and thought it would be fun to bring it over here to the Dark Side of the Shadow World.

Rules are simple:
1. All pics MUST include a bike you own with the 'mark'. If your bike isn't in the picture it does NOT count.
2. Once a mark is posted, the person who hit the mark gets to call the next mark.
3. No law breaking allowed including trespassing to get a mark, it's gotta be accessible to anyone.
4. No pictures, paintings or other facsimiles of the mark in the photo, gotta be the real thing & NO Photoshop type stuff.
5. Once you get a mark & call the next one, someone else has to get a mark before you can hit one again.
6. If the mark is not claimed in 7 days the original poster of said mark chooses another mark.

* Not really a rule, but let's keep it interesting & so no stupid stuff like a fence or a dog - use your imagination & your bike to get to it.
Also, naming a mark like a mountain or ocean means 90% won't be able to get it so make your marks accessible.
If you really think about it, there are probably more things within a 30 minute ride of anyone than you could name.

Bonus points are given (worth exactly nothing but fun to go for) for any of the following:
1. Bike is one you built/chopped/modded in some way.
2. You are in the picture in addition to your bike.
3. Extra bonus points if you are wearing Shadowriders.net swag in the picture.

I'll start with something simple.


Date Set - Member Set - Object Date Found - Member Found
4/1/2012 Bald Eagle Wooden Bridge 4/6/2012 ozzman
4/6/2012 ozzman bike next to cop car bonus points for the cop sitting on your bike 4/7/2012 Bald Eagle
4/7/2012 Bald Eagle Cross 4/8/2012 ahjort
4/8/2012 ahjort war memorial aircraft 4/8/2012 ITC(EXW)
4/8/2012 ITC(EXW) Black Powder Canon 4/9/2012 ahjort
4/9/2012 ahjort a Damn Dam preferably with water flowing over the spillway 4/10/2012 Pez
4/10/2012 Pez State or national park entrance sign 4/12/2012 ozzman
4/12/2012 ozzman your bike next to a locomotive 4/12/2012 ITC(EXW)
4/12/2012 ITC(EXW) any storefront / store sign in a language other than English or Spanish. 4/13/2012 reuben
4/13/2012 reuben A Statue Of Someone With A Deadly Weapon (rifle, Pistol, Kabar, Etc...) 4/14/2012 ahjort
4/14/2012 ahjort A large scale wind turbine... 4/16/2012 DanFriday
4/16/2012 DanFriday A porta john/ johnny on the spot 4/17/2012 Pez
4/17/2012 Pez VFW Hall. Bonus points for having a member sitting on or standing next to your bike. 4/17/2012 ITC(EXW)
4/17/2012 ITC(EXW) your bike next to a Ducati Monster. 4/19/2012 Pez
4/19/2012 Pez your bike in a Hooters parking lot with a Hooters girl on or next to your bike 4/20/2012 ITC(EXW)
4/20/2012 ITC(EXW) your bike in front of your high school 4/21/2012 ozzman
4/21/2012 ozzman your bike in front of a mom and pop motel not a chain motel. 4/21/2012 ITC(EXW)
4/21/2012 ITC(EXW) a brewery, micro-brewery, or distillery. 4/24/2012 KenMcBreezy
4/24/2012 KenMcBreezy log cabin 4/26/2012 Pez
4/26/2012 Pez lake. Bonus if it has ice in it 4/26/2012 reuben
4/27/2012 reuben any 3rd gen Corvette or older 4/29/2012 Ozzman
4/29/2012 Ozzman c a s i n o bonus points if you can get a Indian to sit on your bike. 5/1/2012 Freak
5/1/2012 Freak An old and small unmarked cemetary in the midle of nothing 5/1/2012 PeppermintPatty
5/1/2012 PeppermintPatty Drive-in Movie Theater 5/2/2012 KenMcBreezy
5/2/2012 KenMcBreezy your bike with our national ensign on a real flagpole in the background 5/5/2012 Girlfriend
5/6/2012 Girlfriend in front of an ice-cream stand, 5/6/2012 ahjort
5/6/2012 ahjort waterfall 5/11/2012 firefighter212
5/11/2012 firefighter212 statute or cut out of some one famous/or of importance 5/12/2012 PeppermintPatty
5/12/2012 PeppermintPatty Airport w/ airplane somewhere in background 5/12/2012 ozzman
5/12/2012 ozzman next mark your bike with the sun rising or setting behind your bike 5/15/2012 Freak
5/16/2012 Freak bike in a labled parking spot that's not reserved for them. 5/16/2012 firefighter212
5/18/2012 firefighter212 Old Fashioned Barber Pole GREG LANE 5/22/2012
5/22/2012 GREG LANE Correctional Facility Ozzman 5/23/2012
5/23/2012 Ozzman mark not set...


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