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Some guys really like it. I just dont think the car tire was made to lean from side to side, it made for traction on flat ground. JMO
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Originally Posted by jimlmackjr
looks great I planning on getting a X next Summer and I just stalking posts
I read a lot of X are running Car tire is it really safe I read deferent opinions
and what size tire and brand are you running
I would go out on a limb and say that question is probably one of the most highly opinionated questions regarding motorcycle modifications out there.

My personal opinion is that it is not safe. There are lots of arguments but nothing that changes my opinion for two reasons: 1) The engineering of a car tire is not manufactured to take stress on the side wall like a motorcycle tire. 2) Car tires being flat can and will increase the chance of straightening out a corner in the event you need to take evasive action. I spoke with Cheese and FireFighter212 and they say they haven't felt that, but personally it's just not an area I would be willing to cut.

The tire is the only thing between you and the road and potentially you and a potential crash. So a motorcycle tire is expensive, let's say on the high end $400. Let's pretend that I am a magical motorcycle Genie and I came to you once a year and said, "you are going to wreck your motorcycle this year but if you pay me $400 I will help you avoid the wreck." What would you do? I'd pay the $400...so buy a good motorcycle tire.

So, that being said I would never recommend that a car tire be run on a motorcycle...just my $0.02.


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